Slow Fashion For Slow-Living Lunches

Slow Fashion For Slow-Living Lunches

Food is the Art of Slow Living
Food and drink are that most basic, yet most prized ingredients for a day well spent.
How many of us can hold back a satisfied smile at a fantastic plate of food? With colours, aromas, and textures that delight – it is the simplest of joys to take an occasion from ordinary to elevated.
What better embodiment of the utterly delightful art of slow living!
As the months of 2020 wear on, many a hearty, comforting meal has been cooked and consumed. Kitchens have sprung to life, helmed by the creative, the cheerful, the harassed, the troubled, the optimists, the pessimists and the realists. All in same quest for sustenance and comfort.
With this on our minds, we set off for some much-needed culinary therapy of our own. The result was a lunch that is equal parts nourishing, beautiful, and delicious.
Fish was clothed (fashionably, of course!) in a mix of crushed cornflakes, lemon zest and red chilli flakes, all held together by minced coriander and mint leaves. Thus adorned, it was pan-fried and then sat regally atop a sauce of roasted red peppers.
Green beans placed in the oven turned to crispy browned goodness, that was then further beautified with a grainy mustard dressing.
To this bright mix of red and green, we added the earthy comfort of a potato salad. But no ordinary potato salad. This one was generously studded with the goodness of caramelised onions, and the fresh brightness of coriander leaves. All pulled together with a spritz of lemon juice and a sprinkle of toasted cumin seeds.


Canvas & Weaves’ Slow Living Lunch for 2


Barramundi with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

baramundi fish

 Roast Honey-Mustard Green Beans


Potato & Caramelised Onion Salad

potato salad


Canvas & Weaves’ endeavour is to bring a sense of excitement in the simplest everyday joys. Food is the quintessential unifier – many a spark is lit over a magical meal, many connections made, many friendships cemented. Our dream is to be part of this move towards appreciating the truly finer things in life.

 Share with us your favorite, memorable, most comforting meals and we will be happy to try them in our home kitchens too!

The art of slow living with a beautiful collection by KharaKapas. Find your comfort in softened muls splashed with the duality of contrasting prints. Handcrafted in sombre colours and free-flowing silhouettes.

 The art of dressing by Khara Kapas






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