The Art of Choosing Art

The Art of Choosing Art


What you love wearing is important to us; but what your home 'wears' is equally important! This same passion goes into the art curation at Canvas & Weaves.

Many of us think quality original art is beyond our budget (or even our ability to appreciate it!), but that's simply not so. Your choices are not limited to the extremes of gallery art costing thousands of dollars and mass-produced Ikea prints!

Art is an individual and subjective experience for each of us; all the more so if there is a personal connection with the piece. Canvas & Weaves visits your space and works with you to discover your needs and preferences. This ensures that you  select a piece of art that strikes just the right chord. 

It doesn't matter if you're looking for something esoteric and impactful, or just want something to bring out your favourite shade of greige - every reason is valid and important, as long as it makes your living space better! 

This curation process also has an edge over individual, independent websites. Apart from the screening process for quality control, Canvas & Weaves also brings you personalised service, unbiased recommendations based on your tastes and needs, and after sales service. Of course, the range of options available to you are much greater, and once you've made your selection, the courier cost is absorbed.


Canvas & Weaves on Your Walls 

Art isn't about impressing anyone with the amount of money you spent, or how erudite you seem. It's about your emotional response to the piece you're looking at. To that end, the pieces you'll encounter at Canvas & Weaves are selected not for their 'value', but for how well they integrate and resonate with different lifestyles, homes, and other spaces.

Discover talented artists, both well-established and up-and-coming: Irene Hoff, Alexandra Gallagher, Zoya Chowdhary, Parul Kaur, Charanjeet Singh, Priya Kainikara Sharma and Shiv Kumar Soni are just some of the names you'll come to love.




Dreamy & Complex: Irene Hoff & Alexandra Gallagher 

 is a talented painter based in Indonesia. Dealing with central themes such as animal extinction, human opinion and unconditional love, she composes large-scale works marked by balanced deconstruction, soft colours and engaging perspectives. The pieces are distinctly feminine, with subtle hues. 

Award winning artist Alexandra Gallagher is a British multidisciplinary artist. Exploring the surreal and sublime with the use of flowers, leaves, insects and other impactful imagery, her pieces are dreamy, baroque, and full of detail. 


Thought-Provoking and Vibrant


Zoya Chowdhary is a Singapore-based multidisciplinary visual artist. Her work questions boundaries and distinctions, such as those between social classes, gender, and political leanings in our society and culture.

She uses strong, impactful colours, with a busy palette, and a keen observant eye for finding the beauty in the everyday.

Priya Kanikara Sharma explores abstract compositions and colour, with an emphasis on tactile elements. Texture is celebrated with materials such as jute rope, cement, palette wood and rusted metal on both conventional and unconventional surfaces.


Joy & Innocence 

Who says art can't be displayed in child-friendly spaces?

Shiv Kumar Soni's cheerful art explore the joys of childhood with kites, birds, balloons, toys and hats. His art marvels at the innocent charm of a child's world. 

Parul Kaur uses negative space in her whimsical pieces to explore wonder and innocence. Her use of soft colours is reminescent of playing in a flower garden on a warm spring day. 

Parul Kaur

Charanjeet Singh brings a surreal twist and a touch of humour to his work, which mix a translucent whimsy with an exploratory quality, like illustrations in an especially imaginative child's storybook.

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