How to set up a great WFH space

How to set up a great WFH space

Art makes life more beautiful. Due to covid-19, we’re finding ourselves working from home. It’s a blessing conducting zoom calls in our favourite pajamas but to stay focused and keep that motivation flowing, you’ll want your home office to be a sanctuary of creative energy.  If there's anything more likely to sap your mood, it's staring at a blank wall. It’s no secret that art can bring personality and energy to space, with the right colours, refreshing plants, and handy accessories; you can take your work to the next level.

Ok, so that might sound a *tad* dramatic, but it's amazing what a bright piece of wall art can do for your mood.

So whether you want to transform your WFH space or give your bedroom a glam-up, these purse-friendly pieces of art will inject your interiors with a bit of personality.

Mixing together different styles of art makes for a far more interesting and dynamic collection than a grouping of very similar pieces. Don’t be afraid to combine portraits, photography, mixed media and watercolours all in the one arrangement – you’ll find that their different textures, styles and colours work together to create a really impactful look. 


Zoya Chaudhary

If you’re looking to hang smaller works of art above a piece of furniture, consider hanging them in a group of three or more to create a sense of balance.

Art by Zoya Chaudhary 


Digital Prints By Sunaina Mehrotra 


Pick prints in a variety of sizes that work together color-wise. They don’t have to match completely, but choosing art that follows a theme in terms of the colour palette makes for a cohesive, eye-pleasing design. Remember to really utilize any wall space you have without over-cluttering.

 Art By Kosha Shah 

By adding greenery and doing up your wall in these colourful prints by artists Kosha Shah, Zoya Chaudhary and Sunaina Mehrotra will be an effective way to help boost morale and up the design-ante in any space. It’s a literal way of bringing life into a room.



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