Take me here, take me there, take me everywhere…

Take me here, take me there, take me everywhere…
After a long hiatus from traveling, you deserve a break. With things opening up bit by bit along with the realization that nothing is permanent, most of us would probably book that flight promptly to experience adventure and discovery with this new perspective occupying our hearts and minds. We may be in a state of flux which is both good and bad for us like most things in life. However, this long pause has made us realize the importance of being present and in the moment, slowing down and developing good habits, self-preservation and self care.
This bump in the road was more than just a bump, we agree. But it may lead to better travel experiences in the future as things slowly go back to normal. A travel hiatus can even renew and refresh your sense of fascination with places, things and people. Think of it as a hibernation period for the body and mind to restore itself from all the wear and tear. That being said, we wish you safe travels and hope you look forward to a whole lot of adventure on your next trip. Because tomorrow is another day. Allow us to make it a breeze for you with these travel picks inspiring wanderlust.
Named after a yearning to get out and explore the world, we thought it best to compile a collection of clothing and accessories designed for traveling, an edit that celebrates the earth and all of its creatures while serving a purpose. Here are some capsule wardrobe essentials and bags for you to carry along on your next trip. 
In a nutshell, it uses a colour palette to soothe the senses while being close to nature, consists of handcrafted fabrics ethically produced in small batches, outfits with pockets, relaxed fit and fluid silhouettes that are both comfortable and instagrammable. 

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