Welcome To The Canvas & Weaves Happy Hour

Welcome To The Canvas & Weaves Happy Hour

Times have been tough, and 2020 has been a rollercoaster – more roller than coaster for many! With all that this year has thrown our way, we really hope you are all stitching together what you can to brighten your days and light up your evenings. 

At Canvas & Weaves, we have been busy slowing down and punctuating our days with things we love. Food, fun, and friends acquire a new sense of importance in troubled times, especially as we mindfully move beyond high-octane, stressed living.

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Good Times with Friends in DOT 

The last few months have also been a time for reflection for so many of us, as we looked back and reaffirmed the vision that launched Canvas & Weaves. And so, just to unwind, we took a much-needed opportunity to indulge our playful side, and design a bespoke cocktail that neatly sums us up in a chilled glass.

So here we present, the Canvas & Weaves Happy Hour – the recipe for our Spiced Sunshine in a chilled martini glass. 

Our guiding philosophy is balance in all things. Balance is key to what we do, buy, and wear – for example, a dash of laughter makes even the most serious of topics come to life. The cocktail that captures this had to be neither sweet nor sour, but just right, as Goldilocks would say. 

Speaking of gold, we can’t get enough of the vibrant hues of nature, the shades that lend life to so many of the clothes that we love. Every colour that nature gives us is a mini-miracle, and our drink needed to be touched by this bounty. 

Consumption in today’s world needs to be synonymous with luxury, to be done with a sense of mindful indulgence. We felt that nothing represents this better than the very regal saffron – exclusive, rare, brilliant, and yet very much from and of the earth. And then we concluded that cardamom too must find a place in this glass, with its sweet-savoury aromas and earthy notes. 

For the base, we picked gin, as we love its clean simplicity and botanical origins. Stranger & Sons celebrates all that is inherently Indian and was a perfect match for our chosen spices. We love how its fun, laid back vibe matches that of the brands we handpick!

Sure enough, with two days of infusing, our gin emerged bright and cheery, redolent of spices and sunshine. It was time to get to work with the beautiful orange creation. 

Into our potent liquid sunshine, we mixed a measure of vermouth, adding its herby goodness to our spiced spirit. 

And for the final touch, something floral and fragrant, to represent what fashion brings to our beautiful world. And finally, orange flower water was just the flourish we needed to brighten up our glass! 

Our mix was then shaken with tons of ice and poured into a chilled martini glass as we oohed and aahed over its colour and fragrance. We were thrilled that there was abundant flavour all-round, evocative of the earth’s bounty and sunshine. Just like canvas & weaves – we had balance, joy and respect, in a glass. 

Spiced Sunshine Cocktail

We had such a great time doing this that we now believe everyone should have a bespoke tipple! Share with us what yours would look like; we would love to concoct with you!

Some of our signature looks, inspired by the colours of saffron and sunshine. 

Rust Strappy Jumpsuit  |   Anna Dress  |  Makeba Dress

Samar Mango Floral Dress  |  Summer Kiss Dress  | Slip Tuscany Dress

Handcrafted clothing with roots in Indian textile stories.

Handcrafted with a hint of vintage & subtle embroidery. 


Radhika Shukla for Canvas & Weaves

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