Curator's Note - JODI

Founded by a creative designer duo, Karuna and Gauri started Jodi as a passion project. Canvas and Weaves was introduced to the brand when we were curating our first pop-up in Singapore. We clicked instantly, linked by a shared approach to originality, quality and social values. We love how Karuna and Gauri are firmly invested in imbibing meaning in everything that they do.

Jodi brings us sustainable clothes that are more than mere garments. The message within allows them to be far greater than the sum of their parts. Today, Jodi is six years old, having started life simply as a small and fun project. Sustainability and a bold look have been woven into its ethos in equal measure from the get-go. 

Jodi brings us a juxtaposition of tradition and modernity with hand block printed fabrics emerging as the defining feature in their collections. Known for its prints and bold colours, their clothing has a unique visual language that’s playful and quirky. 

At Canvas and Weaves, it’s imperative that we know how our clothes were made. Transparency is of utmost importance to us. Jodi’s artisan-centric process of organic block printing involves motif-carving into teak wood blocks which are then dipped in colour and meticulously pressed onto their chosen fabrics to create bespoke patterns.