Fairly Handpicked

Handpicking the elements that matter.

Finding fair trade and sustainable products can involve lots of research (and time!). Wouldn't it be easier if sustainability, quality and aesthetics all came together in a single place, already curated for us?

Canvas & Weaves features collections from handpicked designers and artists, whose work tells stories of timeless beauty and skill.

It is our mission to discover the undiscovered on behalf of a community that is seeking a fresh take on design. The guiding principle is “quality over quantity,” with a renewed focus on indigenous textiles, embroidery, and evergreen silhouettes.

A purchase from Canvas & Weaves pays for ethical production, fair wages and high-quality or organic fabrics and materials.

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We are agnostic to fashion trends, and instead showcase style, that is not exclusive based on size or body shape. It imparts a sense of luxury with a focus on comfort and versatility. The fabric is the hero, as so is craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. We present designs that are an exciting confluence of beauty and sustainability, where the Canvas & Weaves tribe finds its true and lasting expression.