Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining I Art Charanjeet Singh
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining I Art Charanjeet Singh

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining I

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Miniature paintings are the part of artistic culture, which gives historic experience and highlights the significant development of Indian art forms. Mughal Emperor is on the verge to enter the new anatomy of life, which is depicted by colours, lines and, simplicity and intense emotions. Here, the artist depicts about the readiness of the Mughal Emperor to face obstacles with a clear mindset about moving forward leaving behind all his inhibitions. He is trying to foresee his future knowing that the journey is going to be a long one. Moreover the use of monochrome indicates lack of options resulting in clarity of thoughts. Clouds and Mother Earth have not changed but everything in between has changed. A persistent person is self confident, independent and has lot of options but is overburdened by complexities, still trying to make a mark in this era, by holding the roots upright. Simple things have been modified into complex resulting in more confusion. Man is crushed by many external factors as well as fighting the internal conflicts has not lost hope and trying to rise again.

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