Stoka Aakaar Peach Top Fashion Mati
Stoka Aakaar Peach Top Fashion Mati
Stoka Aakaar Peach Top Fashion Mati

Stoka Aakaar Peach Top

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Our new cute summer linen sheer crop top with a high neckline and short sleeves can be fit just for any occasion! wear it with our new pleated cowl pants during a beautiful summer day or for an evening team it up with a linen saree!!

Mati is designed with every woman in mind! We use only the best quality natural fabrics and pay close attention to every little detail. Mati focuses on minimalistic designs and loose, flattering cuts that fit to all body shapes and sizes.

Since all pieces are individually handmade and tailored in my studio, each garment is unique and one off. Therefore, please expect subtle differences in color and form.

The fabric we are using is 100% LINEN which is soft and will suit any skin type. The fabric gets softer with each wash.

Handwoven Linen - PEACH

- We recommend to hand wash or machine wash at 30C.
- Hang to dry.
- Do not bleach.


sleeve length
full length
XS 32" 14" 17" 6.5" 16.5"
S 34" 14" 17" 6.5" 16.5"
M 36" 14.5" 17.5" 6.5" 16.5"
38" 15" 18" 6.5" 16.5"
XL 40" 15.5" 18.5" 6.5" 16.5"
XXL 42" 16" 19" 6.5" 16.5"
XXXL 44" 16" 19.5" 6.5" 16.5"



If you would like this item to be tailored to your size, please provide the following measurements:
-- Height
-- Shoulder
-- Bust circumference
-- Upper arm circumference
-- Armhole

If you have a specific request or any special physical characteristics, such as broad shoulders, long arms, long waist etc, please let me know. I can make any size for you!!

Note : (you can customize your measurements in the instruction note for the seller) - We take Rush Orders too

Available in blueyellowoatmeal and peach

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