Watercolour On Paper 2 Art Parul Kaur
Watercolour On Paper 2 Art Parul Kaur

Watercolour On Paper 2

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Language is considered to be an important tool of conceptualist which is considered as a work of art in complete by stating, writing, pasting and exploring different materials. The journey begins from exploring material as my art work basically using every, day to day life objects or elements i.e. Match-Box, Wood, Cloth, Capsule, Silicon-Gel packets, Paper Bags, Cut - outs as well as pasting methods has also been used. Linear structure in painting is used with the purpose of technical minimalism. Rice paper is extensively used for the very expansion of boundaries in my work. Intentionally torn papers are executed for visual impact as well as conceptual ideas. Exploration of paper, wood has also been introduced which can be shaped in my own areas of space. The formation as well as the deformation of wood helps to explore my work in greater extent. Paper can be stitched or pasted prior to the context, wood can also be stitched or surficial weave with the help of thin wires and constructed into inorganic space. Introduction of paper bags and coloured motifs on it helps to create my own inorganic elements. With the help of watercolors I tried to execute cut-outs, various materials is explored layer by layer creating a metaphorical language. Pasted paper one on top of the other brings out the refinement of pictorial language. The foreground paper is cut into a well maintained boundary of surrounding elements. Figures are also represented from the day to day performance of the basic livelihood. The painting portrays a Girl from Fine Arts who intuitively represent the cultural aspect of present repulsiveness. The figure tries to exhibit her Identity of valueless entities like the household product of match boxes which become less important. Match box is an entertainment in viewpoint because commodities excel in every format with the help of image on top of its surface for advertising or publicity. Textile creates an impact to reach through the artwork of making relevant imaginative, lucrative and refined elements.