Our Collections

Begin your sustainable fashion journey in the vibrant hub of Singapore by purchasing from our collections – a meticulously curated selection that effortlessly marries style with conscious choices. Step into a realm where renowned brands like Mati, Jodilife, Khara Kapas, Yam, and Crow converge to redefine sustainable fashion. Canvas & Weaves encourages you to browse our environmentally friendly offerings, embracing the allure of organic cotton and the timeless elegance of Jamdani textiles.
Delve into a shopping experience with purpose as you explore our piece, making a bold statement in both style and eco-consciousness. Don't forget to peruse our carefully curated favorites in curator’s picks for a touch of timeless elegance. 
For those in pursuit of the perfect cocktail dresses or vacation ensembles, our collections have you covered. We bring you a shopping escapade that transcends fleeting trends, offering a diverse range of options to craft your ideal wardrobe – be it an ensemble of crisp whites, a wardrobe of sleek blacks, or a palette of soothing neutrals.
Discover the epitome of curated luxury as you navigate through our thoughtfully selected categories, each echoing the ethos of sustainable fashion in Singapore. Shop with confidence, knowing that each piece is handpicked to resonate with your values and preferences.
Choose our collections for a shopping voyage that not only celebrates fashion-forward aesthetics but also champions sustainability. Redefine your wardrobe now with pieces that truly make a difference.
Explore our curations for women and men, featuring sustainable fashion staples, including the exquisite Jamdani weave and Indian block print dresses to add a layer of confidence to your clothing.
Why Fashion Matters
Fashion is not just about looking good; it's a language we use to speak volumes about ourselves without saying a word. Enter Canvas & Weaves, the sustainable fashion brand that speaks fluent elegance and style. With threads spun from organic cotton, linen, and recycled fibers, our clothing not only looks fabulous but also walks the walk when it comes to eco-consciousness. 
So, whether you are strutting in a sleek kurta or twirling in a flowy dress with Canvas & Weaves, you're not just making a fashion statement—you're making a sustainable statement. Join the movement where fashion meets conscience because looking good feels even better when it is done right.