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The Freedom to Create


I bought my first C&W piece three years ago and still wear it again and again. So if you are looking for beautiful, ethical pieces that you can feel good about, look no further.

Ferzin also has an eye for picking the most stunning art. She takes away the pain of searching and finding the piece that is right for you. The only problem you will have is how many pieces to buy!


Thanks for curating such wonderful pieces and introducing unique and sustainable brands. I've purchased two pieces from your website more than half a year ago which I really enjoy and wear out often.



Arrived much quicker than expected and the team at canvas and weaves were really helpful when I had a sizing issue. The dress itself is gorgeous and when I wore it out I got so many compliments. It’s also super comfy even after eating a big meal lol

Kris Chua

It was a great experience buying this art piece from Canvas & Weaves! Very efficient, hassle free and a pleasure.


We all need to be mindful in what we buy. It's important to know that the clothes we get have been carefully curated from a sustainability and ethical sourcing point of view. Canvas & Weaves is a brand that I trust for doing just that. It also has a sense of aesthetic that makes for lovely day-to-day wear as well as glamorous dressing up for important occasions. I absolutely love the looks Canvas & Weaves has brought to us over the last few years !

Radha Gupta

Ferzin’s breezy collection is a breath of fresh air. Literally, fabrics that breath and make me feel light and airy. Beautiful pastels and earthy reds, browns and greens. Canvas and Weaves is truly special and one of a kind - like its creator and curator.

Anupama Reddy

One of the best workshops that I have attended! Honoured to be taught Pichwai art by Sushil ji.  It wasn't just the technique adn the art, but the stories behind it, the unique material we used to make the paintings which was a first for me.  Abouve all, it was the pleasure of meeting such humble, uniquely talented Sushil ji, and to learn from him.  I hope more art galleries promote our ancient art forms adn techniues like you! 

Nishtha Pathak

As an avid baker & cook, I always buy my produce from a sustainable source so why not choose the same for what goes in my closet ?
Thanks to Canvas and Weaves, their online purchase and pop ups I have access to lovely range of designs and styles. All the clothes are perfect example of how contemporary fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. Ferzin curates a collection that is effortless to wear, timeless classics and pieces designed to be loved for forever !