Men's Contemporary Wear


Canvas & Weaves presents a distinctive array of contemporary wear for men, showcasing a harmonious blend of sustainable practices and cutting-edge style. Rooted in eco-consciousness, this collection features a range of meticulously crafted garments, including co-ord sets, loungewear, and overlay jackets, all designed to redefine clothing for women and men alike!

From sleek loungewear perfect for casual outings to sophisticated overlay jackets ideal for formal occasions, the brands we partner with, such as Saphed and Three, offer versatility without compromising on sustainability. The inclusion of co-ord sets adds a touch of contemporary flair, allowing for effortless coordination and effortless style. With a commitment to ethical production practices and attention to detail, our collection of clothing for men stands as a testament to unwavering dedication to both fashion excellence and environmental responsibility.

Embracing the ethos that sustainability is synonymous with style, Canvas & Weaves continues to lead the way in redefining the landscape of modern menswear!

How Do I Find My Style For Men?

Finding your style as a man involves a journey of self-discovery and experimentation. It's about understanding your personality, lifestyle, and preferences and translating them into your wardrobe choices. 

Luckily for you, Canvas & Weaves offers a diverse range of versatile and sustainable clothing options for the modern man, making it easier to discover and define your style. With co-ord sets, loungewear, shorts, overlay jackets, and more, our collection caters to different tastes and occasions.