Mallika Mathur


Mallika Mathur is a visionary contemporary designer who brilliantly blends traditional textiles with modern designs to produce top-notch festive clothing for women. Her diverse interests and a transformative modeling career paved the way for her stunning design journey. Working with top designers and traveling extensively exposed her to various indigenous cultures, which profoundly influenced her creations, such as elegant blouses and all other stunning Malika Mathur designs.

Her deep understanding of traditional textiles, gained from her research on "The Saris of India" book series, is reflected in her work. This experience, combined with her unique style, results in timeless collections that marry classic and contemporary elements. Whether you want a festive blouse for women or a Banarasi saree, Mallika Mathur's exquisite designs are now available worldwide through Canvas & Weaves, bringing her elegant and sustainable fashion to your doorstep.

What looks good with a blouse? 

A blouse is a versatile piece that can be paired with various bottoms to create stylish looks for any occasion. Jeans are a timeless combination, dressing down a fancy blouse for a casual yet polished appearance. Skirts, whether pencil, A-line, or maxi, offer a feminine and elegant outfit perfect for work or special events.