SUI, a conscious fashion label based in India and Singapore, embodies the spirit of crafting SUI dresses and all other SUI fashion with a green heart. The name SUI, meaning "needle" in Hindi, symbolizes the connection between nature and fashion, much like a needle links thread to fabric to create a beautiful garment.

At SUI, the goal is to weave the threads of nature into fashion, ensuring that every piece is crafted with respect for both the environment and the artisans.

In its commitment to sustainable fashion, SUI Clothing has joined hands with Canvas & Weaves to bring its eco-friendly clothing to a global audience. This collaboration ensures that SUI's versatile, minimal-impact fashion and contemporary wear for women reaches customers around the world, reflecting a dedication to both beauty and consciousness. By treating its makers like family and promoting engaging, impactful fashion, SUI continues to champion the values of ethical and sustainable style.