Irene Hoff


Dutch artist Irene Hoff brings vibrant mixed-media portraits of female figures to life. Currently soaking up the creative energy of Bali, Irene Hoff's art draws inspiration from the natural beauty and rich cultural tapestry of the location. Her artistic repertoire extends beyond portraits to include animals, still lifes, and more.

If you are searching for pieces with a focus on human emotion, love, and compassion, then you can buy contemporary art by Irene Hoff in the shape of stunning large-scale paintings that resonate with viewers on a deep level. Her work has gained international acclaim, gracing exhibitions across Europe, Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia.

The Innertotem movement embodies Irene Hoff's mission to foster connection, community, and care through visual art, aiming to restore balance in the world. Some pieces feature typography, while others are centered around striking imagery, all driven by a desire to reawaken the female consciousness. You can browse some of her best pieces and buy original art work in Singapore through Canvas & Weaves!