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Our Inspiration

Bringing Heritage Style to a Global Audience

Canvas & Weaves introduces a new way for a global audience to dialogue with traditional style, whether in the clothes you wear, the art on your walls, or the mug you drink your coffee from.

Canvas & Weaves curates with ahimsa philosophy and austerity as our guiding light. ‘Ahimsa’ is a word derived from Sanskrit. It means respect for all living things, and avoidance of violence towards others.

This school of thought is close to our hearts as we grew up in India. In this new, woke world, people of diverse cultures and ethnicities are going back to their roots while homogenous, Eurocentric beige and black are now being eschewed for the clothes your grandmother wore and the knick-knacks your grandfather collected. Even the traditional food mother made, which we took for granted, is now seen as something to be celebrated.

Living within this mindset is a combination of many factors and viewpoints - from avoiding the misuse and overuse of natural resources to suit individual needs, to the ethics of labour, process and transparency. These are just some of the things encompassing the concept of sustainability, within the greater concept of Ahimsa.


Making the switch to a sustainable way of life is not easy. But that’s where we come in. We are here to add a pop of colour to your blank canvas and help weave the missing moral fibre back into the fabric of our society in the most conscious way possible.

Canvas & Weaves features collections from handpicked designers and artists, whose work tells stories of timeless beauty and skill. Find fair trade and slow-made products for your home and closet as we combine sustainability, quality and aesthetics together in a single place, bringing pure happiness and good karma to your doorstep.

It is our mission to discover the undiscovered on behalf of a community seeking a fresh take on design and its consumption. The guiding principle is ‘quality over quantity' with a renewed focus on indigenous textiles, heritage crafts, artisanal expertise and evergreen silhouettes.

how we curate

At canvas & Weaves we work with inovative brands that value people, the planet and creativity in equal measure.

We have showcased over 50 brands across women's fashion and accesories. Our partners are a carefully selected mix of establised and emerging designers & artists.

This is a diverse group that aligns with our ethos of originality, quality and social values.

we collaborate with brands and artists that are tenaciously individual, have a story to tell via creativity and are driven by excellence.

our team

founder, ethical sourcing
ferzin patel

Canvas & Weaves, a curated online store was founded in 2018 by Ferzin, who formerly worked in Finance.

Canvas & Weaves channels her passion in supporting traditional crafts, culture and independent artists, by gathering labels from sustainably, ethically-sourced brands that allow profits to flow back down to the craftspeople responsible.

At Canvas & Weaves the emphasis is on elegance, sophistication, and modern wearability and functionality. Canvas & Weaves asks you to redefine the idea of tradition, and create your own modern style, while honouring centuries-old crafts and cultures.

radhika mundhra

A NIFT graduate with a background in Fashion Management, Radhika’s role complements her interests in sourcing & styling. As vibrant as she is, she has always expressed her enthusiasm for being associated with the fashion & lifestyle industry as it often draws inspiration from art, culture, music & history. 

Radhika is passionate about traveling and learning & when she’s off work, she loves to ride her bicycle.

Content Strategy
rhea chaudhary

With a background in English literature and mass communication and years of digital marketing experience, Rhea has always been a storyteller at heart. She lives to create art and indulges in visual storytelling through film, especially when it’s fashion.  

Rhea loves the art of communication, whether it is through writing, art, song or visuals. Her medium of choice is painting. She lives and works in Goa, India, where she can maintain the most precious work-life balance that keeps her mind, body, and soul at rest while allowing her to keep the wheels turning.