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Bringing Heritage Style to a Global Audience

Canvas & Weaves introduces a new way for a global audience to dialogue with traditional style, whether in the clothes you wear, the art on your walls, or the mug you drink your coffee from.

Canvas & Weaves curates with ahimsa philosophy and austerity as our guiding principle. Ahimsa is word that derives from Sanskrit, and means respect for all living things, and avoidance of violence towards others.

Living within this mindset is a combination of many factors & viewpoints. From avoiding the depletion of natural resources to suit individual needs, to the ethics of labour, process and transparency. These are just some of the things encompassing the concept of sustainability, within the greater concept of ahimsa.

In this new, woke world, more than ever, people of diverse cultures and ethnicities are going back to their roots. Homogenous, Eurocentric beige and black are now being eschewed for the clothes your grandmother wore and the knickknacks your grandfather collected. Even traditional food your mother made, which you used to think nothing of, is now something to be celebrated.

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Our wardrobe frames modern sensibilities blended with traditional Indian designs, textiles, and prints. Day-to-day, wearable separates with clean lines and elegant colours, great options for the office or a fun weekend out. Comfortable, cool linens beat the heat in a variety of airy dresses, modern rompers and jumpsuits, and shirts and blouses to mix and match. You are classic and traditional, yet contemporary and modern, at the same time – a brand new way to go traditional.