Jewellery for Women


Elevate your style with the pinnacle of sustainable opulence through our exquisite collection of refined and versatile jewelry for women, which includes neckpieces, earrings, and unique hair bun accessories. At Canvas & Weaves, our conscientious marketplace nestled in the heart of Singapore, we take pride in showcasing a meticulously curated range from renowned designers like Khara Kapas Jewellery, Roma Narsinghani, Ashepa, and beyond.

Our commitment lies in fostering a profound admiration for the artistry of craftsmanship and sincere regard for artisans, resulting in a diverse marketplace that seamlessly merges local craftsmanship with global influences. Delve into our thoughtfully selected assortment of sustainable treasures, crafted to pay homage to diverse cultures and traditions while effortlessly complementing the modern lifestyle.

Canvas & Weaves is your go-to destination for sustainable jewelry, offering exquisite pieces for every occasion. From the vibrant and culturally rich Zanzibar jewelry to the elegant and timeless designs of Inara jewelry, shop our collection of diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you are accessorizing with ear loops jewelry for a casual outing or adorning yourself with a statement neck gusset for a special event, each piece is thoughtfully crafted with sustainability in mind. 

Which Metal is the Most Sustainable for Jewelry?

The most sustainable metal for jewelry typically depends on factors such as how it's sourced, recycled content, and the environmental impact of its production. Generally, recycled metals like recycled gold and silver are considered among the most sustainable options. These metals are obtained from existing sources, such as old jewelry or industrial byproducts, reducing the need for new mining and its associated environmental impacts.

At Canvas & Weaves, sustainability is at the core of our ethos. We meticulously curate our jewelry collection from various brands, prioritizing those that adhere to eco-friendly practices. Many of our jewelry pieces are gold-plated, allowing us to offer luxurious aesthetics while minimizing environmental impact.