Artist Bio - Shiv Kumar Soni

Childhood is a treasure for me. I enjoy infusing my paintings with the memories and experiences I had as a child. My aim is to capture the emotions, imagination, and moments that are unique to childhood, such as playing in the rain, daydreaming in the clouds, and flying kites. I draw inspiration from objects associated with childhood, such as kites, birds, balloons, toys, trays, and hats. My paintings radiate the innocent charm of childhood memories, and I feel fulfilled when viewers reminisce about their own childhoods upon seeing my work.

My creative process involves depicting an imagined character, a child whom I have named "PUPPY," in my own unique style. This character represents a self-portrait of myself. I prefer using acrylic paint with a watercolor technique, which I have honed over time.

Ultimately, my art invites viewers to relive their childhood memories and enjoy the experience.