Find Comfort In Your Style - 10 Easy Outfits Ideas

Find Comfort In Your Style - 10 Easy Outfits Ideas

With work from home being the new normal for many of us during the Covid-19 outbreak, pyjamas and sweatpants might be the first things we reach out to in our wardrobe. Although the first few days may have passed lounging on your sofa in comfy sweatpants as you respond to those work emails, but as time has passed we are all looking for comfortable, yet chic options that make us feel confident and motivated.
In the past, fashion and style have always been linked to a fascination with the latest runway trends, often at the cost of comfort. However, today brands produce comfortable designs that are built to help, rather than hinder your daily to-do list. Today, shoppers are turning to summer staples sourced from independent and emerging labels  that create simple, well made, functional, and above all, comfortable clothing that they know they can rely on.
At Canvas and Weaves, we are mindful of your needs and carefully handpick each design while also keeping in mind the best fabrics to keep customers comfortable no matter what they have in their schedules. We work with labels that work with  natural fabrics from artisans in different parts of India, and support various communities and small industries. We ensure your comfort while making no compromises on style, and versatility. The classic designs featured are made to have a modern edge, so you can still feel like a fashionista without being a slave to fashion trends. We are firm believers in this new trend of comfort and thoughtful buying, but we are also confident that you can be cosy while still looking polished and professional for all your work from home commitments.
A long day at work calls for a professional, comfortable outfit. These dresses are perfect for a comfortable day at the office when you know you’d be working long past work hours. It’s chic, but super comfy and would even be great to wear out to a late dinner afterwards.
Style Mati
VARI AAKAAR DRESS by mati (available in yellow, blue, oatmeal and peach colours)
Jaie Shirt Dress with Embroidered Belt by Manan Designs (available in mango, blue, and ivory colours)
Traverse Relaxed Dress by Translate - Handwoven Ikat
While most fashion trends come and go, one summer trend is a must: the jumpsuit. Not only are they extremely airy and comfortable, they are also very flattering for all body types. Being extremely versatile to style, you can dress it up or down, depending where you're going. 
Style Mati
Dhoti Jumpsuit by Mati (available in lavender, pink, blue and green colours)
Blouses and Trousers
Formal sets usually tend to be uncomfortable and hard to sit in for hours. But with these new trends on Canvas and Weaves make we make comfort wear look astonishingly stylish. Make a statement with these sets which will change your look completely and upgrade your wardrobe as well.
The Jodi Life
Style Mati
Baha Shirt and Paper bag Pants by Mati (available in lavender, pink, blue and green colours)
Style Mati
Sevi Aakaar Top and SE Thin Stripe Pants by Mati (available in yellow, blue, oatmeal and peach colours)
Wear Three
Cherie Printed Metallic Linen Overlay (available in mango, blue and ivory colours)
With work from home being the new normal, wearing underwired bras is passé. Most people want to opt for comfortable options that feel like second skin and bralettes are the best option. They are versatile, soft, seamless and super comfortable. 
Style Mati
Bralette by Mati (available in lavender, pink, blue and green colours)


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