Wasn’t Luxury Always Supposed to be ‘Quiet’?

Wasn’t Luxury Always Supposed to be ‘Quiet’?

Decoding the whims and fancies of the latest buzzword, Quiet Luxury!

The ‘buzzwords’ in fashion keep changing more rapidly than we can keep up, and the new one on the block seems to be ‘Quiet Luxury’. You must have heard of this term which has very quietly managed to establish itself as the “mood” of the season. We say mood and not trend because it sounds a bit less - basic?

Elegant, without the air of trying too hard, quiet luxury is all about “if you know you know”.

So, what exactly is Quiet Luxury all about?

Characterized by understated elegance and timeless pieces that exude sophistication without being flashy or ostentatious. It can be found in the refinement of a highly crafted handbag or the understated design of a minimalist home. This means choosing high-quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and classic silhouettes that can be worn year after year, letting the quality and design of the clothing speak for itself. It’s about quality over quantity and having the instinctive style and confidence to invest in wear-for-life pieces.

A cashmere or pashmina stole, handcrafted by weavers with love, care and skill over months. Directly sourced from artisanal communities without the tag of a big brand logo. It feeds the artisans family, promotes an indigenous dying craft, is sustainable, and it has a certain code of exclusivity that only a few understand. Essentially, if you know, you know.

Why the Quiet Luxury Trend?

During times like now, with a financial crisis and a white-collar recession, even the wealthiest are not in the mood to show off the bling. Analysts suggest the good times call for people showing off their brands, not when nerves are raw about financial futures. We have also seen this in the past when Donna Karan and Miuccia Prada made practical dressing fashionable with their minimalist aesthetic. This cycle was also mirrored with a show of stealth wealth amid the recession of 2008-09.

In the past, luxury meant exclusivity. Just reserved for the untouchable few. But with the rise of social media and the Metaverse, Dior wants to be our best friend while Gucci is striving to be the girl next door. It’s all become so much more accessible. As a result, rather than turning to logos as a means to showcase one's social status there is a shift towards high-quality, timeless design, that's less showy.

It is a movement toward more conscious design choices – embracing 'less is more' so you buy less and select pieces you love and will be with you for years.

Whilst high end brands like The Row, Max Mara, Loro Piana, and Jil Sander are at the front lines of the quiet luxury scene, Canvas and Weaves is here to give affordable yet conscious, chic curations. We curate beyond the big flashy price tag from brands who truly believe in the core of the concept, of less is more. Of quality craftsmanship and simple, comfortable, sustainable design.

Just like the quiet luxury movement suggests, at Canvas and Weaves, our curation considers the real-life needs, inclinations, and movement of the wearer. At the end of the day, we all are rushing to work, meeting deadlines, running chores, looking after kids while also enjoying the indulgences of weekends in clothes that are well made, fuss-free, polished and refined. And so we look to pieces that exude quiet luxury. Whether it is the breezy silhouettes from The Summer House, straight sleek cuts in the finest Eri Silk from Ura Maku, asymmetrical cuts in the finest cotton from Chola or Three and so much more, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

You want to follow the trend, sorry the mood of the season without paying through the nose? Well here’s how! Now, first thing first. Some basics to consider for your quiet luxury wardrobe.

Colors and Materials

In order to achieve this effortlessly chic and timeless wardrobe, it's best to stick to a monochromatic palette filled with blacks, whites, greys and beiges – this is anything but boring when done right. For the springtime you might want to venture into some reliable pastel shades like pink or blue for a pop of color.


Design by ferzin


Selecting the right raw materials is key and with brands like The Summer House, THREE and Crow pioneering regenerative organic handspun textiles, you don’t have to look any further. The Summer House work with high quality, responsibly made fabrics - with a preference for handwoven, organic and modern explorations like ECONYL regenerated nylon and ethical tencel. Ura Maku is another Indian label making leaps with organic materials like Eric silk.

With innovations in the textile industry natural fibers such as 100% organic cotton, hemp, tencel, bamboo, Khadi, etc , we only work with brands that care for the planet as much as they care for ‘the look’. After all, that’s what the nouveau rich mindset is all about.

It’s all about smart tailoring

A well fitted, timelessly tailored outfit makes all the difference. A well-fitting or an oversized blazer or well-tailored pants with a straight fit top never fails. It’s time to opt for structured lines and straight cut silhouettes from Crow, Rias and Translate or adopt the asymmetrical oversized trend from THREE and Chola. The best part? Canvas and Weaves only works with brands that make products to order, so you’re sure to find a product that perfectly tailored for your body measurements. Now what speaks quiet luxury more than that?

Linen and Organic Cotton - A win for the tropics

Cashmere and fine-knit wool are most famously associated with quiet luxury and are more suited for the winters. However, linen and organic cotton are a perfect quiet luxury alternative for summer in the tropics, and is extremely versatile, too. The somber chic fits from Plavate, the breezy silhouettes from Sui or the straight cuts from The Summer House, there’s plenty to pick from!

Don’t forget your Quiet Luxury Accessories

It’s all about timeless classic, subdued logo less designs. A silk scarf from Yam or a chanderi stole from Shades of India tied smartly to the side of your shirt collar can seamlessly add a lot of quiet luxury to your look. Complete the look with a clutch or tote bag handcrafted in the finest hand loom cotton by Khara Kapas. Structured hats could make all the difference and there couldn’t be a better pick than tea dyed eri silk bucket hats from Ura Maku.

Jewelry could make all the difference! Simple, elegant, sleek pieces in brass or 18k gold plated goodness handcrafted by skilled artisans to perfection. Now that is what would truly give the air of “if you know, you know”. Khara Kapas, Roma Narsinghani and Kritha and pioneering the art of dainty jewels with a detail of handcrafted spheres of joy. It is a perfect blend to complete your alluring look.

However, you choose to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, one take-away is crucial: investing in designs that exist outside the microtrend cycles and are made from quality materials is a much smarter choice for both you and the planet.

Going Beyond the Look

Perhaps the most obvious indicator of ‘quiet luxury’, however, isn’t what you have, or what you wear – it’s the way you act. The low-key luxe woman doesn’t wait in line for a table at the latest buzzy restaurant, she hosts her friends at home for an intimate dinner with the finest handcrafted dinnerware. Handcrafted ceramic serveware from Minimal Indian or inspired living choices from Gado Living make all the difference when it comes to hosting essentials. Her house is a curation of thoughtful pieces, of timeless art investments from independent (not so famous) artists.

Her mornings are spent indulging in the rhythms of mindfulness, she sends thoughtful cards and seasonal flowers from the local farmer’s market for birthdays. She believes in a causes, and supports them silently, through her everyday choices, Without shouting about it or requiring recognition. But most of all, she’s quietly confident not just in her wardrobe, her home, her style, and her social life, but I’m who she truly is. Isn’t that the biggest luxury of all?


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