Morning Objects CW045 Art Bijoy Basak
Morning Objects CW045 Art Bijoy Basak
Morning Objects CW045 Art Bijoy Basak

Morning Objects CW045

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Bijoy Basak

DOB :10.12.1973

Born in Durgapur, West Bengal.

Bijoy Kumar Basak – In His Own Words

What we encounter in the course of our daily lives is usually viewed as repetitive, predictable and deserving of little curiosity. “The everyday”, to most, is nothing if not the mundane that we easily overlook. However, the artist in me is stirred by the little insignificants and the drama of the everyday. The artist in the journey of daily life must engage in relationships and activities that form the trivia of his existence. My works engage in conversations with these. However trivial they appear, they leave their imprints on the memory and each day becomes a significant date, even if only on the personal calendar.

In my work, the surface is no less a component. Through textures, fragile lines and subdued colours I construct my visual narrative. They tell stories of the eloquent untold. I have a preference for paper as the ground. Most of my works are in mixed media as, to me, the interplay of different media enhances the expressive capacity of my works.

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