CW077 Alchemy Art Irene Hoff
CW077 Alchemy Art Irene Hoff

CW077 Alchemy

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For artist Irene Hoff, life is all about collecting stories, experiences, insights and inspiring the world to see what really matters. She does this by: taking on life adventures, small and big, doing the things she fears the most; by dreaming big and realizing her dreams such as getting Leonardo DiCaprio’s signature on one of her animal-art which she subsequently donated to ‘race animal extinction’; and last but not least, by making beautiful and alluring art. Irene works with mixed media, using acrylic on canvass, enriched with colorful printed patterns on special coated paper. “I love to work with large-scale pieces to create a big impact. “I often advise clients on the style that suits their environment best and incorporate personal influences, interiors, lifestyles and the clients’ vision to create the perfect match” says Irene. Irene feels we are losing the authenticity of who we truly are; losing our balance as humans. And once we lose our stability, we lose our freedom. The way we now live our lives not only causes damages to our body and soul, but also to our planet. For Irene, being in balance means having the ability to choose to feel good, inspired, loved, healthy, open and sensitive to all things and people that surround us. It means that our ‘energy source’ flows through and around us, uplifting ourselves and letting it shine on our environment. Her figurative art is not only a visual way of expression, but also a means of transferring ‘energy’ and insights to the person attracted to her work. She believes her art holds the potential of stirring positive thoughts, stimulating our ‘energy source’ and breaking down impeding feelings and beliefs. Irene’s art truly reflects who she is: her lightness of being, instinctive curiosity, unbounded humor, intense perceptiveness, and infectious positivism. She translates onto a canvass an illustration of her perceptions enthralled in emotional and spiritual growth at the time of creation. The imagery and symbolism she uses become a unique gateway in moving people, helping them to see the bigger picture and the roles that each of us has the potential to play.

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