Make A Wish Jewelry Zanzibar Living Jewellery
Make A Wish Jewelry Zanzibar Living Jewellery
Make A Wish Jewelry Zanzibar Living Jewellery

Make A Wish

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Watch charms are such a classic reminder of the little moments we seem too busy to cherish. At Zanzibar Living, we love these smaller joys and this charm is a reminder to make a wish for your day, for the week or just for the coming hour. Always, living in the moment and staying true to your own self! 

  • Material

    Satin Brass + Polished Brass

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Founded by stylist and designer Surbhi Mehta, Zanzibar Living is a soft cocoon of all white providing space to grow and express freely with cuts and silhouettes to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Their collections are all about experiencing the pleasures of slow living in elevated essentials to gratify the seeker in you. 

Surabhi’s affinity towards travel and island living is what inspired the label with its timeless collection of designs and silhouettes invoking romance and nostalgia. 

Zanzibar wardrobe is versatile and tailor-made for every contemporary woman around the world. With airy, breathable fabrics adorned with vintage lace and embroidery work, their garments are in all white for you to have a blank canvas to layer them on as you wish. They can easily be paired with jewellery & accessories of your choice.

We absolutely love that they are one of the few body positive brands we have onboard. So, whether you're an XS or an XL, Zanzibar Living has something for everyone to take home along with good vibes.